Rebecca Guzzo is a current MFA candidate at the School of Visual Arts in New York where she currently works and lives.

She was born and raised in New Jersey. She received her BFA from the University of Delaware in 2016. She works in a multitude of mediums with a focus on abstraction and exploring social issues through form, color and composition.


What does it mean to exist in America in 2019? Rapid advancements in technology and social media dictate our lives. A country divided deeper each day, perpetuated by the war against (or amongst) the media. What is fact and what is fiction? Perhaps it isn’t just a question of the accuracy of news, but also a question of the blurred lines between entertainment, news, and social media. We exist in our own personal realities constructed by the information, factual or fabricated, that we intake and digest.

Through sculpture, photography and performance I interpret these questions into physical forms. My work is heavily focused on identity - how our identities and outlooks are shaped through the information we process through technology. The repetition of the SMPTE color bars throughout is used ironically. This image was used for calibration by vendors and viewers to adjust their sets to optimal functionality. The bars represent us waiting for our next dose of information, from the source we enjoy the dialogue from most or whichever distresses us the least — for optimal personal functionality.

We exist in a generation where nothing is truly as it seems. Nothing is black and white. It is embedded with multiple colors and layers; different views, opinions, judgements and hard-line biases. Anger and hate. Love and hope. Everything in between. Feelings are complex. What we digest through media complicates those feelings especially when we are distressed or opposed to what we’re being fed. When we trust a source of information we believe it to be gospel, everything else seems like “fake news.” We become the sheep and the industry the shepard influencing our mentalities, elections, product markets, and ethics - profiting off our complacency/complicity every step of the way.